PODCAST #131: Bucky Rants on Joe Biden

Our current president Joe Biden is 78 years old. He was in the U.S. Senate from 1973 to 2009. He was elected at 29 years old. Washington D.C. and politics is all he knows. He’s a nice guy, but he’s a puppet. And he’s presiding over a shit show right now. Here’s what’s on his plate as of right now:   Covid Afghanistan pull-out Border Crisis Racial Tension Inflation China egging on Taiwan   That’s just what we know about. He is not communicating well about any of these issues, and he needs to stand up and be a leader. And now we’re talking about “Human Infrastructure”? What the hell is that? He is denying that inflation is happening. But the biggest issue is that China is getting ready to take Taiwan back. This could be the biggest, most important issue we are dealing with right now but Joe Biden hasn’t addressed this at all. He needs to convince the country that he is working for THEM. That’s the most important thing. But the bottom line is that he is 78 years old and he is fragile. He is not firing on all cylinders and this is going to get worse.     Click here to get your free chapter of Bucky’s book “I HATE EVERYONE, but you…of course!” just do it, it’s free.   Connect with Bucky Haighte: Facebook: facebook.com/bkyh8 Instagram: @BKYH8 Twitter: @BKYH8 Website:  bkyh8.com    Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your podcast will prove it.    Don’t be an idiot and try to copy or use my stuff in any form without proper and legal permission. Be original for once. It’s called “Intellectual Property” for a reason. Use your intellect (i.e. brain) and don’t get your ass kicked by my team of lawyers. Peace out my “not-friend.”