PODCAST #122: Let’s Get Ready to RANT

The Buckster is pivoting. 8 Minutes of Motivational H8 is doing very well but I’m changing it anyway. Everyone is telling me to ride this success and not rock the boat, but I take shots. It’s what I do. Bucky Rants will be the new title and you can find it in the same place right here. Every week I’ll be ranting on whatever is speaking to me at the time. Andy Rooney is dead so I’m gonna pick up his torch, but I’m won’t be as polite as he was (if you don’t know who Andy Rooney is, Google him and his eyebrows.) I’ll be keeping an eye on pop culture and the people who move that needle. If there’s someone or something that is pissing you off, reach out to me directly at bucky@bkyh8.com because I listen to my gut instincts and I listen to you, the Buckster Army.  So here is your fair warning. I roll the dice overhand with a running start. I’m turning the amps up to 11. This podcast is not about money, it’s about speaking the truth, and I’m speaking the truth. Play on, player.   Click here to get your free chapter of Bucky’s book “I HATE EVERYONE, but you…of course!” just do it, it’s free.   Connect with Bucky Haighte: Facebook: facebook.com/bkyh8 Instagram: @BKYH8 Twitter: @BKYH8 Website:  bkyh8.com    Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your podcast will prove it.    Don’t be an idiot and try to copy or use my stuff in any form without proper and legal permission. Be original for once. It’s called “Intellectual Property” for a reason. Use your intellect (i.e. brain) and don’t get your ass kicked by my team of lawyers. Peace out my “not-friend.”