PODCAST #110: My Pronoun is F.U.

Birthing people?” Completely “gender-neutral” language in the House? Our government is debating this? We are now majoring in the minors. How woke can you get? This is NOT Making us a better country. “Never refer to a person as he or she, they are offensive slurs.” He and she are offensive slurs? How far are we going to go with this? We should now use They, Them, and Hir (pronounced like “here”) as gender-neutral pronouns. So in 2021 where we can come up with ANY word we want to describe people, we chose 2 words that have been in our vocabulary forever to represent a group of people and make up a new word that sounds exactly like one of the most common words in the English language? This is the best that our linguists can do? You don’t need to do that. To all the woke politicians and media hacks out there, please stop. Can we focus on more important things? The Buckster promotes loving each other unconditionally. I don’t care what you look like, who you love, or how you identify, but we need to focus on more important things no pronouns needed. That’s why my pronoun is FU. If you ask me, that’s what I’ll tell you, and if you want to argue with me about it, I’m gonna tell you that we need to focus on something more important, like all getting along, like driving the country forward, and like not getting bogged down in this semantic bullshit that is taking our focus away from far more important things. Nice to meet you him/her/they/hir, I’m F.U. Click here to get your free chapter of Bucky’s book “I HATE EVERYONE, but you…of course!” just do it, it’s free.   Connect with Bucky Haighte: Facebook: facebook.com/bkyh8 Instagram: @BKYH8 Twitter: @BKYH8 Website:  bkyh8.com    Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your podcast will prove it.    Don’t be an idiot and try to copy or use my stuff in any form without proper and legal permission. Be original for once. It’s called “Intellectual Property” for a reason. Use your intellect (i.e. brain) and don’t get your ass kicked by my team of lawyers. Peace out my “not-friend.”