You Can Shove That Participation Trophy!

The Buckster comes from a generation of young athletes who were deprived of water, and perhaps slapped around a few times all in the name of “motivation”.

I’m not saying that we need to rewind the clocks and throw our kids back to an era of corporal punishment, but can we stop teaching them to be so damn soft?

Many sports leagues no longer keep score, and haphazardly pass out participation trophies so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. Talk about a worthless trophy!

Recently, a kids national spelling bee decided to end the competition in what was an 8-way tie. WTF?! What are we doing to our kids… and the future of our country?

America is awesome! For those of us who live here, we have an unbelievable opportunity that capitalism provides each and everyone of us: competition!

Every generation across every industry has achieved wealth and success beyond their wildest dreams, but not without losing a few battles along the way.

But that’s okay, player.

Failure breeds success, and learning how to fail is essential in our business and personal life. For us asskickers, we understand that failure is part of the process. It teaches us to get back up and not make the same mistakes.

Learning from failure, and not just participation is what makes us tougher and more resilient. Both kids and adults should know how to lose. As the author J.K. Rowling said at a recent commencement speech, “It is impossible to live without failing at something.”


If you take shots, you are going to miss sometimes. It’s part of the game. It’s part of life.

Not everyone has equal talent, drive, or work ethic.

Not everyone is a winner.

Not everyone is an asskicker!

The bottom line is that we need to get tougher as a society and embrace capitalist competition . Screw the sappy socialist losers out there that don’t have the guts to compete.

If you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen!

If you disagree with me then shove that participation trophy up your ass!