Win the DAMN Day!

As most of you know, I live life in 100 day increments. I set crazy-ass goals for both my business and personal life, and then lock in and focus for 100 consecutive days. On day 101, I get a blood test…and go see my doctor a week later for the results. After “doc” tells me the state of my health and what I need to work on or change, I then set new goals and go on another 100 day ass-kicking journey. It’s how the Buckster rolls, and this bizarre lifestyle has been incredibly successful for me.

It’s important to point out that during my 100 day war, my only focus is to win every single day… WIN THE DAMN DAY! That’s the key to the whole thing. I’ve got to win 100 of them, but I have to win them one at a time. I go at it like I’m going to die every single day. I know this sounds extreme….because it is…..but it works.

Winning the day applies to every single aspect in your life. Family. Health. Business. Whatever. For example, with my 2 “twenty-something” daughters, winning the day is them not screwing up with as little drama as possible….and just being alive. Winning the day with my health is sticking to a strict diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

As we all know, when you try to do anything positive…shit happens. You have to constantly deal with the shit. As Denzel Washington said in one of his movies called The Equalizer, “When you pray for rain…you have to deal with the mud too!” Well said Player! Winning the day means overcoming all of the shit that will be thrown at you. It’s coming. It always does. You just have to run towards life’s bullets and win the day…regardless. No excuses.

Coaches always tell their team to win every play. Only focus on that play. Then focus on the next play…..and keep doing that until the game is over. Winning every play in sports equates into winning every day in the real world.

Life is no game. It’s a bitch. We all know that. It’s an ongoing 24 hour war. So “F” Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ tagline. Do what?!!! It?

Your new mantra is WIN THE DAMN DAY!