Tip your damn waitress!

Even though I am known the world over as the ultimate misanthrope – the walking middle finger of brutal truth – and a general H8ter of humanity as a whole, I still believe that you need to treat people with respect. 

Yes, those things CAN go together. 

One group of workers that deserve our misanthropic attention are waitresses, bartenders, and the people who dutifully clean our hotel rooms. 

They probably H8 humanity too! 

Not everyone is going to be the CEO of a company, a high-level stock trader, or a computer genius – which is a good thing! Remember, it all comes down to passion and getting up every day to kick ass regardless of what you do for a living. 

Stop being so stingy with your $$, and reward people for their service. Over-tip when at all possible. Share the wealth. It’s only money! 

Write that person an InspirH8tional note along with your monetary “thank you” and tell them that you appreciate what they’re doing, and that passion and energy for their job isn’t going unnoticed or unappreciated. 

DO THE RIGHT THING – even if you H8 humanity! That’s the way the game of life should be played… player!