The more you tell…the more you smell

We live in a world of constant self-promotion. Kids and adults are literally killing themselves daily from depression linked to social media and our warped pop culture. 

“Enough about you, let’s talk about me.” Right? 


Let’s all stop this bullshit, and cut people off at the verbal pass when they turn into their own advertising agency. These idiots are NOT your friends. 

You know the type. Maybe you ran into them at your 4th of July cookout. Maybe it was a family member – that dinghole cousin who just got into real estate and is “making serious bank” (but is actually about to be foreclosed on).

We all have this horrible, involuntary, instinctual drive to let people know that we are kicking ass. I guess we all seek approval, starting at a very young age.

You don’t need that anymore! Who really gives a shit if people know you’re a bad ass? Who cares if they see you for the real MR’er you are? Let them find out – or not. 

If you find yourself randomly promoting yourself in a conversation – STOP! 

Envision a liquid turd coming out of your mouth, because that’s what you’re doing player.

Same goes for that blowhard you’re talking to when they turn into a self-promo idiot. Picture brown liquid in the corners of their mouth as they’re blabbering. That “verbal shit” stinks. 

Here’s what to do the next time some “walking PR firm” starts spewing all of their shit on you during a conversation: Listen, wait until they take a breath, then say “good listening to you,” and walk away. 

Maybe they will get the obvious message, but at least you don’t have to keep listening to it.