The dual meaning of STFU

To most people, STFU means “Shut The F**k Up.”

Directive. Concise. To the point. Easy to understand. Universally accepted.

I love the acronym STFU so much that it is carved into my forehead on the cover of my new book, I HATE EVERYONE but you….of course! That book should be on every winner’s bookshelf. I digress from my important STFU rant, so let’s pivot back to the topic at hand.

STFU in the world of business (and life for that matter) can also mean “Success Through Follow Up.” Never thought if it that way did you, Player?

Calling on time, showing up for meetings on time, and doing exactly what you say your are going to do when you said you were going to do it is also STFU! Basic success in whatever you do revolves around this. That’s the brutal truth. No education needed. No special skills. Just keep your damn word and proactively communicate if you can’t. Sounds simple, but most posers can’t consistently pull this off for some reason, and then question why they aren’t the ass-kickers that want to be.

If someone utters verbal stupidity towards you, then you know the original meaning and use of STFU…..but never forget the “Success Through Follow Up” directive as well. It will set you apart. STFU my “not friends.”


The Buckster