The answer to “How’s it going?”

I hate – not to be confused with “H8” – mindless chit-chat. It’s even worse when people ask questions they don’t actually want an answer to. 

“How’s it going?” “How are you doing?” 

Or my favorite: “You’re doing well, right?”

Nothing like answering the question while you’re asking it. This was a favorite of my parents, because they didn’t really want to know the raw details. All they wanted was confirmation of what they wanted to be true. Sad reality, but I bet it sounds familiar. 

The next time some sap, friend or family, asks you these types of worthless and shallow questions, VOMIT all over them. Projectile vomit, if you can pull it off! 

Instead of giving the usual empty, worthless, dinghole response of “fine” or “good,” give them the brutal truth and launch into the raw realities of your life. 

You’ll find out very quickly if that person really gives a shit and wanted the truth, or was just blowing sunshine up your ass. 

The good news is that the next time they try to ask you a bullshit question, they’ll think twice – and maybe keep their mouth shut. 
Start defining how people interact with you. Stop wasting time with mindless banter from mindless people. 

BKYH8 is the walking middle finger of brutal truth, and you should be too. Tell the truth in every situation – no exceptions! 

People will respect you more, but even better – you’ll respect yourself.