Stop writing the narrative before shit happens!

I am a self-proclaimed pessimistic realist!
I am the walking middle finger of brutal truth!
Forget glass half-full or half-empty, I can’t find the damn glass!

With that being said, sometimes I’m guilty of writing the narrative of a particular situation before shit has even happened.

Emotional churn for no reason. With 2 daughters in their 20’s, it’s easy to write future narratives for their lives before shit happens. All people in their 20’s are numb-nuts, and their brains aren’t working properly. Nod your head, Player. However, I’ve learned to stop over analyzing everything, and just focus on controlling what I can legitimately control. Trying to control their lives, isn’t one of those things.

Don’t predict the score, before the game is played. At a recent basketball game I attended, my narrative-writing-ass predicted that we were going to get killed by the opposing team who looked more athletic and talented than our line up… we won by 3. The moral of that story is pretty obvious. Play the damn game as hard as you can, and let life’s score happen

Call reluctance nonsense. If you are in the sales world, we have all written the narrative about a prospect before calling them:

It’s too late.
They are probably busy.
It’s too close to the weekend.
They are probably on holiday vacation.

Sound familiar? Writing sales narratives out of mid-air not only costs you unnecessary mental turmoil, it will also cost you money.

Don’t be a “yeah… but” fatalist. Are you in the bad habit of whenever someone tells a story, you automatically add your negative commentary? My wife has a friend that regardless of what you say, they will verbally piss on the parade every single time. It’s annoying and unattractive. Stop that shit now!

Write down what you can and can’t control. List the things that you can and can’t control, and try to focus only on the items you can actually dictate the outcome. There’s no “swammies” out there that can predict the future. That includes you and me both! Only focus on today, and let the narrative write itself. That’s easier said than done, but a healthy and positive way to kick even more ass!