Stay hungry all the time

A current “go-go” trend for the ultra-wealthy tech titans is to literally starve themselves with restrictive eating regimens. As a crazy recent example, the founder of Twitter recently shared that he eats one meal per day and none over the weekend. Extreme much!? Wow!

These “masters of the universe” claim that evoking this constant hunger clarifies their thinking and sharpens their focus. Before you scoff and write this off as “rich dude boredom”, I actually think these billionaire cats are on to something.

I think “staying hungry” should apply to both your stomach – and your business.

In the past two years, I’ve lost 50+ unneeded pounds by frickin’ eating less! I’m always feeling a little hungry – even after eating. We all can agree that portion sizes are way too big. Understatement! If you add some moderate exercise to that minimalist approach to eating, you will be surprised how good you will feel. I will say that feeling a little empty in the stomach does trigger my brain to focus more. Not sure why, but it does.

As for your business and career, the second you start feeling less hungry, is the second you start losing ground to your competitors. Slacking off and not maintaining that “appetite” for winning is just inviting your eventual ass-kicking.

So stay hungry my not friend!