Run life’s marathon like a sprinter

Most things worth having and achieving in both life and business take time and unyielding effort. It’s a daily war. Hand to hand combat. Sometimes it seems like an endless marathon with no finish line in sight. 

The typical human response is to pace yourself because the path to success is such a long haul, but that’s total bullshit. 

You need to GO FAST and take chances every single day. You need to picture yourself at the starting line of a 26.2 mile marathon, and when the starting gun fires – you spring as hard as you can! Push yourself! You are more resilient than you think. 

If you want success, you have to go get it. People, family, and your competition will think you’re crazy. They’ll think your pace is unsustainable. First of all, you are crazy. Most truly successful people are a little crazy. It’s part of the deal. But who gives a shit what any of those people think? It’s not about them. It’s about you, player! 

Pacing yourself is for losers, posers, procrastinators, and excuse-makers. Why would you ever hold back? Roll the dice overhand with a running start! What have you got to lose? 

Absolutely nothing! 

So tomorrow morning, when that starting gun goes off – spring! And keep sprinting every morning after! 

“Run Forrest, run!”