Run directly toward life’s bullets

When problems occur, most people initially shy away from addressing or trying to solve those issues. It’s a common reflex to procrastinate or ignore with the false hope that these situations will solve themselves, or simply go away. We all know this is stupid dream that never comes true. Ever!

It’s time to adopt a new “best practice” when it comes to the constant shit hitting the fan. RUN DIRECTLY TOWARD LIFE’S BULLETS. Just like a good cop or military person does during a conflict, go straight at the problem without hesitation.

When a problem arises, set everything aside, meet it head on….and don’t waiver until you solve it. Don’t think about it. Don’t strategize. Don’t “get to it” tomorrow. Get it done right now!

This rule applies to both your business and personal life. Once you start running toward the bullets, you will never run away again.