Quit Your PRIME Bitchin’!

Jeff Bezos is a badass entrepreneur to say the least. But, I can guarantee you that when he was working 16 hours a day in his garage – in debt to his eyeballs, taking business risks that you and I can’t fathom – he never would’ve guessed the bullshit that he’s having to deal with now. 

Yesterday, some of his Amazon workers in Shakopee, Minnesota went on strike during “Prime Day” following similar protests in December and March. 

Previously these employees – not owners – demanded that the company relax performance quotas during Ramadan and provide a specific place to pray. 

I could care less if these employees are Muslims, Baptists, Catholics, Mormons, Jews, or atheists… it’s bullshit. Plain and simple. 

For all of you politically correct idiots out there who think that’s “hate speech,” it isn’t. It’s the brutal truth, so get used to it.

But… Even though Amazon gave this small group of Somali-American workers what they wanted, it’s not enough. Now they’re demanding more.

Big surprise. 

The three biggest demands these workers are making during Amazon’s busiest days of the year are as ridiculous as Amazon’s deals. 

They want more temporary jobs turned into full-time positions, as if they get to make business decisions for a multi-billion dollar company. You don’t get to make that call as an employee. 

They want their performance quotas permanently reduced because they feel unsafe. If you feel unsafe, go find a safe job elsewhere. No-brainer. Amazon isn’t short on applications for these jobs. 

They want the easing of work quotas for the month of Ramadan. Maybe Catholics will want less work during Lent. How about “Holy Roller” month for the Baptists!

Their attempts to create more “secure” jobs by demanding lower quotas and less work is a total crop of crap! In the private sector, there is NO SUCH THING as secure jobs. Get a public sector job, if that’s your dream. 

Admittedly, the stench of politics, lawyers, and special interest sociopaths seems to fill the air with this ridiculous attempt at a power grab. Even if Amazon gives in again – which would be a mistake – we all know that they’ll be back demanding more next year. You can take that one to the Bezos bank! 

Like the old salami game – one slice at a time. 

If Amazon supposedly treats its workers like crap, they will pay the price because the Targets and Walmarts of the world (you know, their competitors) will fill that void. 

I guarantee that the vast majority of hard-working Americans couldn’t care less about their “plight” – because they’re all too busy trying to make a living, put food on the table, and support their families. 

My advice to Amazon workers: Quit your bitchin’ and get back to work – or find another job!

That’s the way it has always worked, and still works today. It’s called the free market! It’s called capitalism! 

It’s called America!