Kill Your TV Now!

Our nation is facing an addiction crisis, and I’m not talking about opioids. As an ex-alcoholic and ex-opioid abuser, I can tell you first hand that pills are ruining a lot of lives.

However, I believe that the television is ruining just as many lives! Yes, TV is the addiction that most Americans can’t shake.

In fact, a recent Neilson study revealed that American adults on average watch TV 5-hours per day. If that’s true, that means most people watch nearly 35-hours of TV per week, or 77-days per year!

Are you kidding me? That’s almost a full-time job!

Are you a “Chronic Ass Flipper?” Do you just sit your fat ass on the couch and start flipping channels? If so, stop!

My dad suffered from chronic ass flipping before there were even remotes. Like many other children that grew up in the same era, me and my twin brother Sonny were his channel flippers!

I can safely say that my dad wasted a quarter of his waking life watching meaningless television, while also bitching about not having enough money. WTF!

My conspiracy theory friends would say that TV keeps people in the same socio-economic class. Lower & middle class people love their damn TV. They might live in shitty house or a run-down apartment, but that flat screen TV is the center of their life.

It all makes sense though, because another study showed that watching TV lowers your frickin’ IQ, kills brain cells, and can lead to an early death. So by all means, go ahead and watch the Andy Griffith rerun for the 50th time!

Ultimately, you are in control of the on-off switch. I recently did a stint of 100 not watching TV for 100 days Not one frickin’ second!

After those 100 days I turned the TV back on to see how I would react. Let’s just say that in less than a week, I didn’t hesitate to shut the TV off again. Instead, I went back to being creative and making money!

It’s a bitch to cut yourself off from TV cold turkey. Just like when I stopped taking pills, my wife hand to ween me off by giving me a reduced dosage over time. Whatever it takes for you to lessen your viewing time, do it!

If you can go cold turkey, then have at it. Regardless, you need to stop watching so much damn TV and start doing something productive with that time.

So it’s time to Kill Your TV before it literally kills you!