I HATE EVERYONE but you… of course!

Admit it, you hate most people. We all do. The majority of humans you run across are dumber than a box of hair. Net worth doesn’t always translate into IQ. So what do you do? How do you deal with all of these idiots while still continuing to kick ass? Up until now, the answer was like showing paintings to blind people.

A new day is upon us my “not friends.” Buckford “Bucky” Haighte (aka: BKYH8) has spawned a literary life, business, and sales masterpiece called:

I HATE EVERYONE but you….of course!

Game changing… blue water… ass-kicking… brutal truth. If this isn’t the book that you take on your next plane trip, then you are a poser. A fake. A loser.

With chapter titles like “Attracting Flies to Your Stink,” “Embrace Your Pre-Molded Freakshow,” and “You Can’t Polish a Turd, but You Can Roll it in Glitter”…this is the must read MotiH8tional & InspirH8tional book of your lifetime.

Reading this book is like getting hit with a 2×4 in your forehead with every page turned. Brutally factual in your face insights on how to kick life and business ass and not give a shit about the names.

You have nothing to lose but the time you continue to waste anyway. Stop bullshitting around.. for once. Buy the book, and stop being a sap.

Let H8 Motivate.