Guard your brain from incoming crap

We are inundated with messages, images, and advertising from the time we wake up until the time we pass out. It’s overwhelming, and something that you should be guarding against. 

All of the shit that hits your brain has to be processed, which is probably the reason you feel worn out all the time.

Here’s an idea: STOP!

STOP turning on the TV the minute you wake up, or the minute you walk in the door from work. STOP mindlessly listening to the so-called pundits on talk radio all day. STOP checking your phone all day to surf the internet or check your social media. Just STOP. 

Instead, try having your morning coffee with ambient noise or down-tempo music without vocals. The morning news offers you very little in the way of positive vibes anyway. Don’t worry about FOMO. If a nuclear bomb went off, you’ll know.

At work, play some upbeat soundtrack music at a low volume in the background. Music without lyrics is less distracting. Focus on kicking ass, and don’t be a bent neck with your eyes glued to your phone. 

Before you go to bed, give yourself 30 minutes to an hour of quiet time to reflect on the day and prepare yourself mentally to kick ass tomorrow. 

The less words you hear or visual images you process, the more your brain is freed up to be creative. Try it for ONE DAY, and you’ll never go back. 

Monks know what they’re doing. They strip out all of the outside noise so they can focus 100%. Go get your monk freak on, and proactively guard your number one asset – your brain! 

That’s why my blogs are short and my podcasts are only 8 minutes. Get your MotiH8tion and InspirH8tion as quickly as possible so you can get back to kicking ass and forgetting the names! 

Now stop wasting time and go get it, player!