FREE is the New “Safe” Word

In the overly emotional world that currently exists, politicians are trying to attract votes by the lure of giving “free shit” to gullible dumb-ass voters. Rational people with a functioning level of IQ know that nothing in life is free, but it looks like the bill payers are soon to be outvoted by what I call the “free shit voters.”

Politicians are continually writing checks with their mouths that they want the real taxpayers to keep on cashing. Below are some of the current “vote carrots for the stupid” that’s being floated by our current list of sociopath candidates.

Universal “FREE” Child Care. What could make a parent happier than knowing the government is overseeing the care of their children? WTF! Anytime the government is “taking care” of something, it’s not going to be worth a crap.

“FREE”College. Diplomas will become the new toilet paper. They might be already. College degrees don’t mean shit in a competitive capitalistic business environment. Only political morons and their idiot followers believe otherwise.

“FREE” Housing. Projects anyone? Jimmy Carter said that housing is a basic human right. Bullshit…peanut boy. No one has a “right” to housing. This is just more of the ongoing drum beat of socialistic nonsense.

“FREE” Basic Income. This could be the dumbest idea of them all. Talk about permanently “hand-cuffing” the lower class to remain in the lower class! You can’t take the incentive out of work. Our country was not built like that, and doesn’t work like that.

“FREE” Health Care. Take competition out of anything, and the quality of that service goes down. That’s a fact. Giving health care away for “free” to the stupid will only create a concierge health care industry for the rich. Where do I sign up?

REPARATIONS (“FREE” $$ for past transgressions). This is a complete race war shit-show of mammoth proportions. You can’t ask people today to pay for the dumb-ass decisions of some moronic southern white guys hundreds of years ago. Reparations is a keg of political dynamite. Don’t believe me….then try it you sappy numb-nut politicians!

Eventually, all of this free voter shit will eventually hit the tax payer fan. Hold on to your wallets. Higher taxes are the only solution for “free shit.” Revolt anyone? You better damn believe it!

FREE is a political joke….until it isn’t. Unfortunately, I think we are getting really close to finding out, and like you….I’m not laughing.