Everybody’s got shit flying

As flawed human beings, we all think that our situation is worse than everyone else around us. We think our neighbors’ lives are perfect, that they have more money than us, and that their kids are wonderful, problem-free citizens of the world. 

Everyone has their own story and their own shit flying.

My wife took a call this morning from a friend who is one of those annoying self-promoters. Her friend shared that her family life is total shit and falling apart. On the surface, and from a distance, you’d think her life was perfectly put together.

It’s not. 

Life is hard. Relationships are hard. Family is hard. Business is hard.

Nod your head, player! I know you get it. 

If you come to life’s party knowing that it’s going to be a bitch for you and everyone around you, then you won’t experience so many emotional peaks and valleys. 

Keep your head down and fight for it every single day. Know that other people and your competitors might appear to be sailing through life smoothly, but they’re dealing with life’s shit just like you. 

Everyone has different advantages and disadvantages, but life has a way of leveling the playing field when it comes to “shit flying.”

That’s a fact.