Don’t drink the Tony Robbins cough syrup

When I was sick as a kid and had one of those horrible hacking coughs, my Mom would make me take cough syrup. As we all know, after about 5 minutes….you were once again coughing your brains out. To this day, I’ve never purchased a bottle of cough syrup because it’s not a long term solution.

The same can be said for the Tony Robbins type of feel good, “Sappy McSapster” messages that litter the motivational speaking landscape. You might feel that fake happy buzz inside the arena, but that shit ends once you get in your car and drive home.

Coming from the North Carolina, these teeth-whitening hucksters seem hauntingly familiar to the evangelical tent revivals that would pop-up across the South. The only thing missing from a Tony Robbins event is him handling rattle snakes. He is passing the tithe bucket with all of the crap videos and books people buy…but never read. Watching his events are like watching those brainwashed cult documentaries where people have their hands raised and are jumping up and down like idiots.

You don’t need sappy. You don’t need fake. You don’t need feel good. You need the truth. You need reality. And you definitely don’t need a fake smiling narcissit telling your to raise your hands and be happy. STFU to that crap!

Find your motivation and inspiration on your own terms. For me, I’m inspired by a mix of musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, coaches, and writers. For you, it could be someone or something completely random or different. It doesn’t matter. True motivation and inspiration is personal.

You are your own unique “freakshow.” Embrace your “freak-dom.” Motivate yourself with whatever works. You don’t need some “big-headed-touchy-feely” charlitan’s program to get you where you need to go. You can do it yourself.

Raise your own damn hands if you want to.