Don’t be a pathetic jock sniffer

Watching sports has always been part of American culture, but too many people waste precious time idolizing these physical mutants. 

I call these pathetic loser sports-obsessed people “jock sniffers.”

This term also applies to those delusional parents that think “little Johnny” can actually play.

Newsflash: he can’t.

Sports should fall into your overall entertainment category along with movies, music, and other things you’re interested in.

Your life and emotional well-being should never revolve around  whether your favorite team won the big game. 

Your family, your health, your career – they should all come before sports. No exceptions. 

Full disclosure: I put myself through college playing Division 1 basketball. I didn’t pay a penny for my education because I could shoot a stupid ball. Yes, that’s messed up but I took advantage of that absurdity.

Both of my parents were also coaches, so imagine my childhood. 

I still watch the Super Bowl, the NCAA football and basketball championship games, and the NBA Finals. But I could give a damn who wins. 

Stop giving a shit about the score of the game, and start giving a shit about the score of your own life and career.