Bragging is Jinxing

I don’t give a crap if you are superstitious or not, but there’s some “bad ju-ju” out there when you starting tooting your own horn too much. Nod your head because you know it’s true. Call it the revenge of the “Sales Gods” or “FU*Karma”, but bragging on yourself or your recent exploits never ends well.

If your career revolves around sales or selling, we have all bragged about a pending sale that we just knew was a “done deal,” only to see it go up in smoke. We always vow to never jinx a sale again by PB (premature bragging)….but our thirsty ego always seems to override common sense.

Bragging is jinxing. Never forget that. There’s no positive for anyone with pointless self promotion, and that’s a tough reality pill to swallow in our current “enough about you let’s talk about me” world. Selfie? Not!

Do you really need to tell anyone about your accomplishments? Why is it so important to let people know that you are good? Can you just not help yourself with this constant promo-bloviating? Might need some counseling to “unpack” what’s really at the core of this issue, player.

Stop with the personal press releases. Stay in your lane. Focus. Achieve. Repeat.