Are weight-ists the new racists?

Growing up in the rural Carolinas, I was no stranger to racists and bigots – including some members of my own family. Racism is a truly sickening affliction, and a direct reflection of low IQ.

It’s disgusting. 

Of course racism still exists in America, though thankfully far less of it than ever before. It’s still something that we as a society need to be aware of and address aggressively.

However, I think the new target of discrimination seems to be people who are overweight. 

Ever been so skinny that your basketball coach threatened to take away your scholarship if you didn’t gain weight? 

That was me. Thin as a rail. 

A decade later, I gained a lot of weight – so big that people would ask me which pro football team I used to play for. 

I had become a fatass. 

Let me tell you, I experienced that discrimination first-hand when I looked like a retired defensive tackle. 

Being a weight-ist is just as wrong as being a racist. Pompous, knee-jerk assumptions based on a single glance are total bullshit.

Every person, regardless of race, or size, or whatever… you get it, player… deserves to be judged on their actions. 

Anyone can be a dinghole – black, white, fat, thin, you name it. But I know that if you negatively judged me based on my outward appearance – you would’ve been dead wrong. 

So like them or hate them, but make that decision based on who they are as people – not what they are on the outside. 

Now let’s go get something to eat!