Always Run Toward Life’s Bullets

Life is an eternal shit show. Get used to it, player.

Every day presents itself with a unique set of problems that you’re responsible for solving in your personal and professional life.

So why do people procrastinate and put off addressing those ever present problems? There is no good answer, only bad sales pitches.

It’s time to start running as fast as you can toward those problems, or as I like to call them, life’s bullets. It’s your only choice.

Shit happens if you are trying to achieve shit. There’s no need to plan, or even hope for things to go smooth. It’s not going happen. If you are trying to achieve anything, you can 100% expect problems to occur.

Problems don’t go away. That letter from the IRS doesn’t magically go away. Those health issues don’t heal on their own. That asshole at the office isn’t going to shut up. You either deal with them now, or those issues will be like the crotch itch I hope you don’t have.

Nothing ever goes smooth. Ever! For you Bible thumpers, there’s always going to be trials and tribulations. In other words, there is no such thing as smooth sailing, so stop trying to find that unicorn boat.

Attack the problems first. Wake up every morning and solve life’s problems from the get-go. Don’t procrastinate and run as fast and as aggressive as you can toward those bullets. Once those problems have been addressed, then go do the easy stuff.

Quit, Contemplate, Act… or be a LOSER! When new problems present themselves you can either quit, contemplate, or take action! If you aren’t taking action and running toward those bullets, then you have a big “L” on your forehead! Don’t hesitate. Solve the damn problem!

Bottom line, shit will always be hitting your fan. If you can visualize a turd being sliced up in a fan… that’s your life. Deal with it! Everybody has bullets flying at them, and you aren’t the only one dealing with shit.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself or justifying why you aren’t attacking life’s problems. Welcome those bullets and always run toward them!

Why? Because the baddest mother factual (BKYH8) on the planet said to!