Always look back at your stool

When you take a crap, drop a deuce, grunt…or whatever you call taking a shit….after you wipe and then stand up… you look back to analyze the results?

I recently had a family member tell me that they have never looked back at their turd pile! (Yes, I have been asking people that question to prove The Buckford’s theory on this!) That told me a lot about that person. They aren’t dealing with their own shit…literally and figuratively. How can a person not glance back at “their stool” and their life?

If you are trying to get better as a person or in business, you ALWAYS have to look back at the shit in the toilet and the shit in your life/career to make sure you are dealing with both past and future problems. It’s the only way to improve. It’s like watching your own game film to analyze your good and bad tendencies.

Not addressing your shit doesn’t mean the stink won’t go away. All of us have f**ked up, made bad decisions, and “flushed without analyzing.” You can’t do that. You have to address those tough issues in order to not make the same mistakes twice….and become the MF’er you know you are.

For the rest of your life, taking a crap will never be the same. You’re welcome.