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Bucky Haighte (BKYH8) is the walking middle finger of brutal truth. Every week, Bucky will give you 8 minutes of MotiH8tion and InspirH8tion to help you focus on what really matters so you can find success in life and in business. It's time to start kicking ass. Click the play button in each to listen:

PODCAST #118: Nothing Ever Really Changes

1969 in America had a lot of deep racial tensions. There was a lot of income disparity, anger against war, big divide between Democrats and Republicans, homelessness, hunger, haves and have-nots, inner-city strife and tensions, and plenty of protests. Sound familiar? It sounds a hell of a lot like 2021 to me. Things may sound …

PODCAST #117: Have You Cried lately?

 No show notes today. This is an episode you just need to listen to. You’ll thank me later.  Click here to get your free chapter of Bucky’s book “I HATE EVERYONE, but you…of course!” just do it, it’s free.   Connect with Bucky Haighte: Facebook: Instagram: @BKYH8 Twitter: @BKYH8 Website:    Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your …

PODCAST #114: Tell Your Story… Or Other People Will

Whether you’re a company, an entrepreneur, or even working for someone else, you are your brand. Who you are is only based on how you come across to others, and if you don’t tell them who and what you are, they’ll write their own version or they’ll listen to what others say about you. Tell …

PODCAST #109: Are Ya’ll Hitting That Wall?

Now that we are coming out of this Covid nightmare, some of us are realizing that we’ve the wall. Ass-kicker, workaholic, driver, mother-factual, whatever you call yourself, we all have a wall. Hitting the wall is NOT losing. Hitting the wall means you’ve been working it hard but at some point, you’ve gotta see that …

PODCAST #106: You Are Not Getting Old…You’re Evolving

Do you feel like you’re getting too old to really make it? Screw that, you’re not getting older, you’re getting smarter. Hopefully you’re learning from your mistakes and won’t make the same ones again, so you’re getting better. Don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. Younger does NOT mean better. If you’re young now, …

PODCAST #34: Kill Your TV NOW!

Welcome my not friends… this is Bucky Haighte! Your MotiH8tional and Inspirh8tional leader… and as everyone in the country knows by know… the baddest mother factual on the planet! Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada… Today’s topic is Kill your TV now. I’m always buying Tshirts, designing Tshirts, its kinda how the Buckster rolls… its what I wear all the time… and I’m trolling this Tshirt site and it says “Kill your TV now” just has a TV on top of it, and that’s what it reads. I bought every color… I’m like “HELL YEAH!”

PODCAST #33: Protect Your Intellectual Ass!

Welcome my not friends, this is Bucky Haighte, your inspirH8tional and motiH8tional leader… and the baddest mother factual on the planet. Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada… the strip… unknown, undisclosed location… but I am here, in Sin City – Letting it happen! Topic of the Day – Protect your intellectual ass.. yes I said that… protect your intellectual ass. And what I mean by that is intellectual property … alot of stuff in the news about, you know people trying to trademark and copyright things… and I’m assuming that alot of you H8ers out there in the Bucky army, aren’t really familiar with trademarks and copyrights…

PODCAST #30: I’ve Got Your Censorship Right Here

Welcome my not friends, this is Bucky Haighte, the baddest motherfactual on the planet! Today’s topic: I’ve got your censorship right here! I’m pointing somewhere… take a guess player… I’ve got your censorship right here. This is about the whole China/Hong Kong thing, and you might not be aware of it, so let’s kinda go through it… and how this this got all started and revved up… #1: China is going to take back Hong Kong… Hong Kong is sa former British Colony that was handed back to China in 1997… her’e the problem though… Hong Kong has it’s own judiciary and legal system, and had unique things like the right to assemble and free speech…. Now all this sh@ts going to expire for them 2047, but in the interim there’s been some police actions and some extradition issues, and some really kinda nonsense that’s going on between china and Hong Kong…

PODCAST #25: Ruin Your Own Game

Welcome my “not friends”, this is Bucky Haighte, your MotiH8tional and InspirH8tional leader… walking middle finger of brutal truth and the baddest mother factual on the planet…. by the way, do NOT forget this: Follow me on social media BKYH8… all platforms… What we’re going to talk about today is “ruin your own game”… ruining your own game… This comes from Steph Curry… he plays for the Golden State Warriors… which is in the NBA if you don’t know that, and its a unique story…

PODCAST #24: Gandhi, Damnit!

Welcome my ‘not friends’… this is Bucky Haighte… the baddest MotherFactual on the planet! Today’s topic is Ghandi Damnit!… as in Mahatma Ghandi. You know the Buckster gets motivation from everybody… I mean really… everybody… when I travel, Uber Drivers, I mean EVERYBODY…. I listen, I talk, I ask questions… I mean, I’ve done previous podcasts on Lemmy Kilmister, lead singer of Motorhead who’s passed away… these people bring things to the table….

PODCAST #23: Throw no Bones to Student Loans!

Welcome my not friends, this is Bucky Haighte, your MotiH8tional and InspirH8tional leader and the walking middle finger of brutal truth… AND… the baddest mother factual on the planet! By the way, if you have the guts, follow me on social media… BKYH8… that’s every social media address… BKYH8…. made it simple for you my not friends! HEY! Today’s topic is Throw no Bones to Student Loans! I’m about to lose it all… The phrase “Do not write a check with your mouth that your @ss can’t cash” applies right here… If you’re going to school… if you’re going to a university, and you signed a piece of paper that you agree to pay for the tuition… now let’s not get caught in some crap argument about “tuition… too high…”… LISTEN… you agreed to go there… you agreed to pay it… so now, don’t all of the sudden go “… I can’t afford it because it’s just.. it’s too high… and we need to get bailed out…”

PODCAST #22: Don’t Drink the Tony Robbins Cough Syrup

Welcome my “not friends”… This is Bucky Haighte, the walking middle finger of truth… and the baddest mother factual on the planet. Today’s topic is there’s nothing motivational about Tony Robbins… and just as a quick disclaimer, I don’t know Tony Robbins, thank God… but I’m sure his wife makes a really nice peach cobbler… and this is my freaking opinion after somebody sent me a YouTube video of him jumping up and down at some corporate event, and making everyone else do what they never do, and jump up and down while stupid music was playing… and then he’s yelling “Go Crazy… Go Crazy… Go Crazy…”

PODCAST #21: There’s Nothing Quick About Getting Rich

Welcome my “not friends”… This is Bucky Haighte, the walking middle finger of truth… and the baddest mother factual on the planet. Getting a little pissed off on some of the things I am seeing in the news that’s being sent to me about these “get rich quick” schemes… I mean, this has been around forever, obviously… but with the internet… and people… wanting more money… needing more money…

PODCAST #20: Hey NCAA… It’s Time to Pay!

Hello, it’s Bucky Haighte… your MotiH8tional and InspirHi8tional leader… and walking middle finger of brutal truth, and also the baddest motherfactual on the planet… Topic for the day: Hey NCAA, it’s time to pay… I didn’t say play, I said PAY. With the football season getting ready to start, for the NCAA and basketball right around the corner, there’s some legislation in California right now that’s pending that they call the “fair pay for play” act… but what it really comes down to is that these athletes are generating millions and millions of dollars for the schools, and over a billion… over a BILLION dollars… for the NCAA…

PODCAST #18: Only Care About the Mushroom Cloud

Todays topic is… Only care about the mushroom cloud… yeah, I’m talking about ‘The Nuclear Bomb’…… When that baby goes off and you see it on the horizon, it’s game over, right? It’s OVER. What I’m trying to say though, is stop caring about all the onslaught of news… understand the news business is for profit, and they have to get your attention, and most of it is bullsh#@t…

PODCAST #7: Fight For It!

Welcome my fellow ass kickers to 8 Minutes of Motivational H8. The show that flips the middle finger to all those politically correct losers out there… and teaches you how to successfully burn the boat… and not give a shit about anyone’s island. It’s time toLET H8 MOTIVATE.


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