I HATE EVERYONE but you… of course!

The title says it all, and it truly reflects how the majority of us “ass-kickers” feel.

We all know that most people are full of shit, especially the jackwagons who sit on the sidelines complaining while the rest of us kick ass out in the real world.

Those people shouldn’t get in the way of your ability to be successful in business and enjoy life. It’s okay to be misanthropic – to H8 everyone – while still taking the high road and doing the right thing.

Learn how to LET H8 MOTIVATE®. It’s time to channel that chip on your shoulder and get to work. It’s time for you to kick some ass. 

Read this chapter now, or get your ass kicked later by those who do.


8 Minutes of Motivational H8®

This will be the best 8 minutes of your week. Every Thursday, you can look forward to hearing my InspirH8tional message and unique insights on finding your own path to business and life success. Listen or suffer a slow career death… it’s that serious.

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BK-U InspirH8tions®

LET H8 MOTIVATE® isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life. 

This isn’t some plastic banana blog. This is brain food for your misanthropic soul. My weekly MotiH8tional & InspirH8tional rants are short, efficient, and brutally to the point. 

How long are you going to wait to get in the game?

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Bucky Haighte, aka “The Buckster,” is that part of you that gets up every day and kills it in life and in business.

For some of you, that part is dead or dying. Others haven’t found it yet. That’s why I’m here: to bring my unique brand of MotiH8tion and InspirH8tion to the masses, so everyone can go be the rockstar they want to be.

BKYH8 is also just a guy who grew up in the Deep South, put himself through college shooting three-pointers, and supports his family by kicking ass every day. I tell it like it is regardless of the consequences, and I am “the baddest MF’er on the planet.”

I am the walking middle finger of brutal truth!

Follow me and learn how to focus on what really matters, so you can find success in life and business. Stop trying to be what everyone else wants you to be, and live life on your own terms.


Let H8 Motivate®

Bucky Haighte motivational speaking inset imageDo you run an organization of Sappy McSapsters that need to be turned into ass-kickers? Maybe you have a team that’s doing okay, but needs that extra push to achieve greatness.

If you’re smart – and have the guts – you’ll invite me to share my MotiH8tional and InspriH8tional message to your group or organization. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that only BKYH8 can provide.

“The Buckster” will work with you to craft a customized program designed to hit your audience in the forehead with a brutally factual 2×4.

ROI or die.

Can you handle the “Walking Middle Finger of Brutal Truth?”

If you think you can, contact me [here].


Join the BKY Army

Today’s so-called “leaders” on social media are nothing more than politically-correct, sappy pieces of crap. Follow me as I take the fight to all of these arrogant idiots, who talk a good game but wouldn’t know real success if it bit them in the ass.

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BKYH8 gear - slides imageCheck out the wide variety of items in the BKYH8 Store guaranteed to help you live out loud (for once!) and give a big ol’ middle finger to humanity!

BKYH8 shirts, hats, shades, and so much more! I’m always adding new stuff, so keep coming back to see what’s new!

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